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  • Stitched By Crystal Tutorial Simple Newborn Hat With Pattern

    A few days before my due date I started packing my hospital bag and I realized that the only newborn hats we had were from when my son was a baby and were all blue with footballs and basketballs..

  • The Happy Homebo S Diy Custom Garden Fence

    Then he cut the cedar planks in half to form the frame for the fence. One piece was placed on each side of the lattice and they were screwed into place with his power drill..

  • Come Together Kids Jello Watermelons

    NOTE I just used three boxes of jello, but if you're making this for a crowd or you have a big watermelon, you'll need a lot more. . Scoop out the watermelon until just the rind remains..

  • How To Create A Rollover Effect In Excel Execute A Macro

    In this post, I suggest a method for creating a "Rollover" effect for your mouse on an Excel spreadsheet. Rollover techniques also called "Mouseovers" are useful to display quick information to the user to execute a function when a user puts their mouse over a .

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